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Of the millions of people murdered in cold blood by the German Nazi regime between 1933 and 1945, about 1.5 million were children.  The German records of this systematic, deadly endeavor were deliberately destroyed by the Germans toward the end of World War II.  Only the French railroad records of the deportations from France to the death camps survive.


These railroad records were discovered in France after the war by historian Serge Klarsfeld.  He found names and demographic data on 75,000 deportees.  After publishing this information in 1979, he focused on obtaining more information on the deportees who were under the age of 18.  He advertised widely, and obtained 2,500 photographs.  He published these photographs, along with the names of another 8,500 children in 1996, in a book entitled French Children of the Holocaust.


Serge Klarsfeld’s research has provided me with much of the source material for these memorial portraits. 


Herbert Savel, M.D., Elizabethtown, NY 12932